I’m Neil, a UK-based queer higher education professional with interests in technology, social media and photography, and this is my presence on the web. I have a blog (here), and I am also on the usual social media platforms (and a few obscure ones).

Latest blog posts:

  • AI art
    You may have noticed that several of my recent blog posts have featured custom AI art work related to the topic. I’ve generated these using … Read more
  • More new old posts from the archives
    I’m gradually bringing back some of my old blog posts that were lost, and here are links to the latest batch that I’ve made live … Read more
  • Why you shouldn’t buy gift cards as presents
    When you need to buy a present for someone, and aren’t sure what to get them, gift cards seem like a good idea. With Christmas … Read more

More about me

I’m experimenting with Mastodon as my social home in place of Twitter.