I’m Neil Turner, a UK-based queer higher education professional with interests in technology, social media and photography, and this is my presence on the web. I have a blog (here), and I am also on the usual social media platforms (and a few obscure ones).

Latest blog posts:

  • Oh blimey I’m 40 now
    Today I turn 40 years old. Yes, I’m surprised as you are, but I suppose that’s how the passage of time works. I suppose as … Read more
  • Ethical investing
    In last week’s blog post about investing in Stocks & Shares ISAs, I mentioned that all my investment accounts are so-called ‘ethical investments’. This generally … Read more
  • Sign up to my newsletter
    It seems like everyone has an email newslettter nowadays. I used to have a simple form where you could sign up for posts by email, … Read more

More about me

I’m experimenting with Mastodon as my social home in place of Twitter.