I’m 20 today!

Today is my first day as a non-teenager in several years 🙂

It’s not been particularly eventful, mainly because we’re all in the middle of exams and can’t afford the time to either go out or recover from having been out, but it’s been somewhat enjoyable nonetheless.

Presents were the camera that I’ve been talking about, a t-shirt with velcro letters (so you can change the message on the front as often as you like), some socks with my name on, £33 cash (in total), and O’Reilly quick reference books on PHP and Regular Expressions (thanks to Jeff Wright and regular commenter Chris Berkhadt for those 🙂 ).

The cash is going towards a Sega Mega Drive for the house next year – we’ll have a PlayStation 2 as well but you can’t play Sonic on it.

Incidentally, today is also Towel Day.

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