More new old posts from the archives

I’m gradually bringing back some of my old blog posts that were lost, and here are links to the latest batch that I’ve made live again:

  • Create a Safely Remove Hardware shortcut (April 2007). Another of my how-to blog posts, this allowed you to create a desktop icon that opens the Safely Remove Hardware function in Windows. Surprisingly, this still works in Windows 10.
  • Screenshots on a PocketPC (November 2005). How to take screenshots on a PocketPC/Windows Mobile device, since there wasn’t a built-in screenshot app.
  • Resurrecting a dead OS with KernelEx (May 2010). KernelEx is a compatibility layer for Windows 98 and Me that allowed apps which would normally require Windows XP to be installed. You can still download it, but it was last updated in 2011 and I expect there’s not much demand for it nowadays.
  • My favourite add-ons for Thunderbird (May 2014). Some add-ons that I used with Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client. I don’t use it anymore – we use Outlook at work and at home I tend to just use Gmail.
  • How to: get cheaper car insurance (September 2015). Another how-to guide. When reposting this, it was surprising how few sites back in 2015 used HTTPS by default; Let’s Encrypt had launched the previous year so I’m guessing Google hadn’t yet started favouring HTTPS sites in its search results.
  • A car. An actual car (September 2015). Linked with the above, the purchase of our first car. Sadly said car got written off in France in 2019, although it subsequently got back on the road with a new owner.
  • Passed (August 2015). Again, linked with the above, this was about me passing my practical driving test.
  • Expecting (July 2015). The announcement that my wife Christine was pregnant. Linked from the above posts, but I am also looking to reinstate blog posts about major life milestones as well.
  • 20 week scan (September 2015). As above.
  • Back in the driving seat… (July 2014). Restarting driving lessons, which led to me passing my test, as above.
  • Theoretically passed (April 2015). Passing my driving theory test. A lot of the above posts all link together, and so I’ve wanted to bring them all back at once to avoid creating dead links.

There are, of course, more to come. Whilst I estimate that I’ll only be bringing back around 10% of the old blog posts, that does mean around 250 posts to copy from the Web Archive and update.

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