An apology for the pause

When I started blogging regularly again in October, I planned to post a new blog post every other day (so, 3-4 new blog posts every week). As this is the first time I’ve posted since the 10th December, about my hearing aids, I’ve not managed to meet my own target.

In years gone by, I would publish multiple blog posts every day – but this was in the days before the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Indeed, Twitter used to be known as a ‘micro-blogging’ service in its early days. Consequently, Twitter became the place where I would post any thoughts that could be condensed into 140 characters would go.

I then had a few months where I aimed to publish one new blog post every day. Not write a post every day – I would write several at a time and then publish them to a schedule. But that petered out after a while; all it takes is for a busy period at work, or a couple of weekends where we’re away or have plans, and it becomes hard to keep up. And you end up with apologetic blog posts like this one.

Of course, I then didn’t post anything for years, until last year, so there’s that.

The good news is that today I finished work for Christmas, and so I have some time to queue up some new blog posts. I have a list of blog post ideas to work through; it turns out taking several years out from blogging means I have plenty to write about. You’ll start to see some of these appearing every other day over the next few weeks.

The featured image on this post is AI-generated; for diversity, I specified a Muslim woman rather than just ‘a person’, because there are enough images of white men in the world.

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