Happy Easter!

An AI generated image of a giant chocolate easter egg surrounded by multicoloured rabbits

I hope you’re having a restful Easter break. We’re staying with my parents in York for a couple of days, as per usual (barring 2020 and 2021) and I will no doubt consist of at least 40% chocolate by the end of the day.

Easter has come comparatively early this year. Not as early as 2008 (23rd March), and the absolute earliest it can be in the Gregorian Calendar is the 22nd March. The last time it was that early was in 1818, and it won’t happen again until 2285. Still, the last time Easter Sunday fell in March was 2016, and next year it’ll be very late – the 20th April.

Despite Easter falling early, it’s still felt like a long time since the Christmas break, and I’m appreciating an extended weekend off work. As well as the Good Friday and Easter Monday bank holidays, we get Tuesday off work too, every year.