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Last month, I wrote about how our car had been for repairs multiple times in recent weeks. Since then, it’s been back in the garage again.

This time, the engine would only run in safe mode and so it had limited power. We live in the Pennine Hills in England – the emphasis there being on hills – and so had a not particularly enjoyable week flooring the accelerator whilst trying to get up a steep slope at 20mph. I have small Bluetooth OBD-II adaptor (sponsored link) that allows me to read the car’s error codes on my phone using a free app, and this suggested a fault with one of the cylinders in the engine.

My usual local garage couldn’t fit us in, so I tried a different garage. Their ODB diagnostic system was a bit more thorough and identified that, in fact, the engine’s particulate filter was full. They cleaned this out, and also replaced the sensor (since it still reckoned it was full even when it wasn’t) and, for the most part, the car drives okay again now. But this has set us back another £150.

Our car is approaching 120,000 miles on the clock and so it’s not worth much. Whilst it probably cost tens of thousands of pounds new in 2012, the couple of quotes I have had are around the £1500 mark. Which is certainly less than we have spent on keeping it on the road just in the last few months.

Whilst we have been lucky that it wasn’t a more expensive repair, we certainly need to look more keenly at replacing the car in the next year or so. I hope there are no more expensive repair jobs required, but if there are, the car is at risk of becoming beyond economic repair.

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