WordPress in the Fediverse

A screenshot of the settings page for the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress

If I’ve set up everything correctly, then you should be able to subscribe to this blog in your favourite Fediverse app, such as Mastodon, by following @nrturner@neilturner.me.uk .

You’ll need to install the ActivityPub plugin, and then it should just work where your fediverse username is @your-wordpress-username@your-domain.tld. If you’ve used a plugin to disable author archives, such as Yoast’s SEO plugin, you’ll need to re-enable it for this to work.

I found this guide particularly useful, as it links to Webfinger to test that you’ve set it up correctly.

(Update: since this post was written almost 12 months ago, the ActivityPub plugin has been formally adopted by Automattic and so enjoys wider support)

Good intentions and Mastodon

Screenshot of my Mastodon profile

Well, here was me promising to blog here more regularly, and then completely ignoring the blog for 5 months. Go me?

The main purpose of this blog post is to include a link to my Mastodon profile. As I write this, Elon Musk has taken over Twitter and looks to be unleashing his libertarian hellscape vision very quickly. Whilst I don’t intend to leave Twitter, I’ve decided to keep my options open and have set myself up on Mastodon.lol, which is an LGBTQ+-friendly server that doesn’t integrate with any servers that host fascists.

Whilst we’ve been here before with Ello, App.net, Google+, Clubhouse and innumerable other sites that have tried to compete with Twitter and failed, Mastodon seems to be the most popular ‘non-fascsist site’. Good, lord, what a thing to have to type.

We’ll see what happens, eh?