Being more or less social

A screenshot of my profile on the Bluesky social network.

Good grief, has it really been almost 6 months since my last blog post?

I mostly dropped by to link out to a couple of additional social media profiles that you can follow, should you wish to. I appreciate that many people are leaving Twitter/X/whatever Elon Musk decides it’s called this week, and not everyone is leaving in the same direction.

Firstly, I’ve just signed up to Bluesky. It’s invite only at the moment, so I doff my cap to a work colleague who gave me her first invite. I’ve just made the one post there and I’ll see how I get on with it.

I managed to – eventually – get my account verified there, which is how I show as ‘’ and not a address. It should have been straightforward, but over the years my DNS settings have seemingly got out of sync, and this has required some fixing. Hopefully everything works now.

And I’m on Meta’s Threads, which I joined on launch day back in August. Again, I’ve just made the one post there. It doesn’t look like many people that I followed on Instagram are active on Threads – my feed seems to basically be the same 5 people.

My primary social media presence is still on Mastodon. So, if you want to hear from me in between my massive gaps in blogging, that’s probably your best bet. I joined Mastodon back in November 2022, and I feel most-settled there.

Perhaps if Bluesky and/or Threads open up a bit more, I might cross-post things, but we’ll see.